First Prototypes

Finally the weather was good enough to take pictures of our first prototypes.

The idea behind it was to keep it as simple, practical, affordable and variable as possible.

There are endless possibilities (maybe not endless, but many) to put them together or use them.

The boxes can function as seats, tables, storage containers or in combination whith the different shelves.

We designed the shelves for clothes, but they can be used for any other things like books and magazines or whatever. They can be put on  legs or on top of the boxes or just on the floor.

They all have the significant three holes on the side which are not only decorative but make it easy to grab them and carry around.


You can use them as a seat, a table

for storage (the colour inspiration)

put them on top of each other

or top them with the SHELVES

a single SHELVE and LEGS

with LEGS attached

two SHELVES with variable divider

The SHELVES in combination with the BOXES

Different size of SHELVES, designed for large books which don’t fit in the small bookshelve.

We use this as our telephon- and musictable, can also be used as bedsidetable. There is space for a laptop and a box to hide the cables.


goes well with penne wtih parsley, garlic, ginger, lemon, chillie and parmesan.

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