Humble Beginnings

We are still there, very humble in our beginnings but you have to start somehow and use whatever there is and this is what we want: inspire people to dream big and start small, because that’s the way to go. Even if these are babysteps as it is the case with us. So get inspired!

If we can do it, anyone else can. This is what you are supposed to think when you see the pictures of Sven’s internet station.

I meant to post this a while ago, but since I  only have internet when I drive around the corner with our car  (I drive so seldomly that I always have to remind myself which pedal is which after I confused them once which gave me a huge fright, but fortunally didn’t cause any damage.

Now  imagine myself sitting next to the empty driver seat in a white Toyota Venture, which stands in the shadow under the trees next to the village school hall and children in sports uniform running past me while they are practicing sports on the big field to my right hand side, cheered on by their teacher which yells at them: “Never give up, never give up”. I feel sorry for the exhausted little monkeys. A girl I know up comes up to me and greets me and I tell her that she is very brave. She just smiles at me and said, thannie, we don’t run, we walk around the field. only the last meters we run.

The antenna. Made out of a metal dog eating bowl, protected from rain with a plastic bag and extended on a fishing rod.

The full station with Sven under the umbrella (sun and rain protection)

The very same spot outside of our kitchen, is also been used as a wood workshop, where the prototypes have been made as seen here.

as well as in our living room when the weather doesn’t allow to work outside.

The dressmaking table Sven built for me on our enclosed front stoop.

The very first bookshelves we have built, consisting of different single shelves put together.

We also had some of them fixed on the wall.

Shelves made to fit into a doorframe for the larger books and magazines.

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