Thanks Allie, Justine, Joan, Regina, Olga, Don, Mango, Ilse-Joy, Masego, Tehila and Bruvert for this great Craft Week and the first Long Table!

We did some extravagant melting snowmencookies with allie which were eaten and sold quickly, we did some solid origami, crating an universe out of a square piece of paper, we crafted some promising lamps from Tehlias and elkes design out of string and recycled t-shirts and stenciled boxes and did some thai beach style bracelets with Justine Sven’s first bracelet which he made for Elke of course.

Origami crane hanging from roof. All pics taken with a naturally blurred camera phone out of Sven’s sandy pocket.

It’s a melting world

Ilse-Joy with her night sky cookie (she ate it quickly after the picture was taken)

Elke’s fingercrochet, making a lamp shade out of a recycled T-Shirt

Long Table

First Long Table, lecture and snacks with new tables made by Marcus out of hospital bed palettes.

Enjoying the stoep towards Church Street, sharing about how the Sharehouse came to pass.

Ilse-Joy again and the kids, lots of kids eating water melon everywhere. Kids also inaugurated Sharehouse as an art class, drawing pictures on the birdstable.


Our very own sharehouse models Masego and Ilse-Joy going dor a Xmas stroll.

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