The Sharehouse Explosion

Explosive movement happening at The Sharehouse Project in Hermanus. Just after being given two rooms in the existing missions house of our friends we have now been given the whole house!

So Jan und Feb will see some transition as old tenants move out to make space for projects. The garden is going to be a place of biological sustainability, the petting zoo, teavenue and movies under the stars evenings.
And before we even dared to think it our first partner project is up and running: Marcus and his carpentry workshop and skills training is operating! Visit and see his amazing work. Wow.

    It’s getting even better. In the next 4 weeks we will have the India Experience as a Long Table lecture, we will hold a exceptional Photographers Lecture and an exclusive DJ Workshop


    Horses with Bells * 16.2. Wednesday 7-9pm

      Olga van Zyl did what many did not dare to do, she travelled for months alone on a small motorbike through northern India. Crazy and ready to get more out of life she will share of an exciting journey. Needless to say that she is adventerous, and knows life from many angles. She is a lawyer, a chef and currently editing and filming with her partner Paul. Oh, and she tests bikes for the Rapport. Girls and boys, get ready to step up and to live a wild life.
      Long Table event. RSVP. R 25 for food and wine. Limited seats.


    In the picture * Saturday 2. Feb 5-7pm

      Desmond Louw and Toni Heil, photographers and multitalents form Cape Town will share about their work and how to successfully follow your heart and pursue your dreams. Have a look at their site dna Photographers.
      The lecture will give practical and personal insights into their work and will give you a good understanding what fun, possibilities and potential lies in that workfield today.



    Local Spinning * 3.2.-6.2. Sun-Wed
    Stef the Cat, DJ from Berlin and world travelling local music lecturer and researcher will be hosting a genuine DJ Workshop for 10 people from Sunday 3.2. till Wednesday 6.2. every day from 6-8pm. No cost, but limited places. Only for the passionate and commited. If you have: bring laptop and headphones. RSVP till the 16.2. Party on Wednesday eve for all friends!


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