picture this!

Friends, we are so blessed with every person around.

Stef the Cat just finshed off the Dj workshop yesterday with a short lecture on Angolan dance music which is influenced by South African music and the other way around. And then we had a party to late where all could play their sets and learn new moves. Now we are ready for Shourehouse dj dance nights with djs in da house!

And just before Toni and Des inspired us, but just read what Kelly wrote about them. Kelly, Grad 8, is part of or creative team and co-editor of our coming up online magazine!

DNA Photographers- The ShareHouse

One word to describe Saturday night, 2 February 2013 at the ShareHouse would be: INSPIRING! DNA photographers shared with us their amazing story and revealed the genius art of photography on a completely unique and different level. It would of course be safe to say that Desmond Louw and Antonia Heil (Owners of DNA photography) are two very extra-ordinary photographers- their wedding, portrait, automotive and editorial photos are beyond beautiful. They explained that their approach to photography is most certainly not your average traditional one. They also shared about their journey to becoming photographers and how they have succeeded. It was extremely motivating and encouraging indeed, surely after being inspired, everyone was eager to to get behind the lens, but first some snacks, drinks and company were enjoyed.

Kelly Lourinho



Toni and Des teaching, and with a creative friend who shared his vanilla ice cream-applecrumble-cranberry desert with us.<


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