snow and heat waves

The Sharehauz is expanding jawohl! with fun, laughter and much more.

Next 3 Saturdays this is happening:
¨ª 30.3. 6.30-9.30pm Justine’s workshop on the prophetic with freestyle worship for young people.
* 6.4. 6.30-9.30pm T-Shirt printing and games. Bring own T-Shirt and learn how to cut stencils. Music night.
• 13.4. 6-10pm Healing Workshop with treasure hunt, video clips und other funstuff for young people. All welcome.

We had some quiet and some loud Saturdays and yesterday was especially loud as T-Shirts were printed, the fusbol table was wrenched and a whole improvised band jammed at the same time!


one of the ready made prints of the evening


Here some of the Sharehauzers, guess who had the health drink from on the spot juiced veggies?


Elke and me also travelled to Germany where we shared about the Sharehouse and rocked the audiences at some conferences. And as it snowed we also made a nice fresh variety of soft snowballs to bring back into the African summer, buts just before we wanted to sell them at The Sharehouse … they were gone.


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