Fragen an Rama


Rama is family. She is part of the Sharehaus Refugio community we started in 2015. She volunteered in Jordan in a refugee camp and then came to live in Germany in a small town in Brandenburg. Not easy for a single woman from Syria, but she made good friends. Rama and Elke were once portrayed as unusual friends in age, culture and beliefs, and now we feel its time to ask our friend a few more questions about her inspiring life. We are learning from Rama, because she sees the challenges of integration and learns to take the best from both sides. With woman like Rama German society will change to the better. She is an optimist, and a dedicated person truly caring for others. She is an ambassador for the Sharehaus idea.

Rama, what are you thankful for?

It’s really interesting question because in my room I have “gratitude wall” I wrote on it what I’m thankful for!

I’m thankful for being healthy, being positive having family and friends, having house and bed, on the top having God who’s taking care of me!

What is moving you right now, what’s on your mind?

Focusing on my future and making a plan for 2018.

What did you recently that was important?

Starting to speak only German obwohl mein Deutsch nicht so gut ist 😹

What is hindering you life right now, what is in the way?

There is no perfect life, there will be always difficulties. Maybe I miss feeling stable in one place with no fears having to start over and over again in other places!

From who did you learn in good or bad?

From everyone I’ve got something or I learned something and to be honest the definition of “bad and good” is a variable. Not easy to answer!

What do you think is the key to your success? Or where do feel successful?

The key of success is to believe in myself. I can reach everyone’s heart if and if I want!


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 22.39.12.png

What do you still want to learn in the future?

I want to Improve skills in order to reach my goal! I want to be wiser and I want to know the purpose of my life , why the God created me, what is my role!

What is it you can share right now with others?

Everything and nothing!

What is true community for you? With whom?

Community is safe place with friends, close friends, and family.

How would your favourite Sharehaus look like for you personally?

Private home with people who care for each other!

What is your vision? Or what was your dream as a child already?

I always had a dream of being someone with a lot of potential to make everyone happy!

My dream came true one time in Jordan when I worked as a volunteer in charity organisation. I will do my best to work in those kind of jobs, where I can be helpful and give positive energy as much as I can!

Describe your spirituality

Free spirit, my spirit can fly 🙂

Will love always win in the end you think?

No, not necessarily!

What do you personally love about God?

When everyone turns their back on you, you will find God hugging you!

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