Ja! Das Sharehaus hat auch einen gemeinnützigen Verein. Mit eurem Geld unterstützt ihr den Aufbau des neuen Sharehauses für geflüchtete und einheimische Familien in Berlin, um das sich Sven und Elke kümmern. Was andere übers Sharehaus sagen, lest ihr unten.

Oh ja! Und ihr helft uns andere Sharehäusergründer zu beraten (die uns irgendwann auch dafür bezahlen können).

Jeder Betrag hilft schon, klein, groß, einmalig, monatlich. Und klar, wir dürfen auch Häuser und Erbschaften annehmen. Wir sind gemeinnützig. Unter 200 € gilt der Bankauszug als Beleg, alles drüber bestätigen wir gerne mit Spendenquittung auf Wunsch).

Sharehaus e.V.  IBAN: DE45 4306 0967 1210 2725 00   BIC: GENODEM1GLS Bank: GLS Bochum. 

Yes, the Sharehaus also has a non-profit NGO in Germany. With your donation you support our planned Sharehaus Berlin for local and refugee families. And you help us to help other Sharehaus founders worldwide (who one day will also be able to pay us). We are a non-profit NGO, every amount donated helps, once off or monthly. If you need a donation form outside of Germany pls. let us know.

Sharehaus e.V.: Sven Lager & Elke Naters (Vorsitzende), Lenausstrasse 4, 12047 Berlin



“For me the Sharehaus in Berlin was a much needed family home and a safe space for me. As a commuity we encouraged one another and I learned that a Sharehaus really can unite diverse communities and give them a voice. It empoweres them, especially those who have little and seemed insignifcant. I believe our future of humanity is in personal empowerment and community, and that is what all Sharehauses are about.”

Fatuma Musa, pubic speaker and founder of United Action

“The Sharehaus is a special place of new ideas and contacts and of their practical application. The openess and range of ideas, concepts, people, organisations and enterprises is tremendous, diverse and unique! I connected with people here I would have never met at an average co-working space.”

Tilman Höffken, Projektleitung & Geschäftsentwicklung querstadtein – Berlin anders sehen

“I visited the Berlin Sharehaus with a group of business executives to consider what ‘community’ means for different people. Over coffee and conversation we discovered how important it is for all of us to feel part of a community… but it’s not always so easy to do. The Sharehaus is a community creation machine, made up of diverse humans and a big spirit of goodwill. Spending time there felt generative and loving. I left there feeling taller, more balanced, happier, and with plans to deepen my own communities.”

Giles Goodhead,

“Visiting the Sharehaus was an extraordinary experience.  Seeing people of all nationalities living in peace and harmony together was remarkable!   It seems that the Sharehaus gives everyone a sense of hope and a place to heal as they began a new life together.  It is truly a place where God is present and where people of every ethnicity can live in peace.  As a Pastor from the states, I see the Sharehaus model as a place where everyone who enters is touched by the love of Jesus, able to live, not as demanders, but as thankful recipients.”

Lee Content, Pastoral Staff, Calvary Church, Grand Rapids